A Solo Exhibition of Yuli Prayitno

07 Mar 2014 — 30 Mar 2014

Equator Art Projects , Singapore

Unity in Diversity: Archaeologic Excavation of the Peranakan Tionghua


Seng Yu Jin.


Yuli Prayitno

Fighter, 2014

Brass, iron, 23.5K gold leaf, with single channel video

0 x

Yuli Prayitno

It Looks Almost Perfect, 2014

Restored antique Peranakan wooden chair, 23.5K gold leaf

65 x 90

Yuli Prayitno

Menulis Beda, Membaca Benda, 2014

antique printer's tray, ceramic shards

248 x 163

Yuli Prayitno

Past Tenses of Storage, 2014

Restored antique Peranakan wooden cabinet, 23.5K gold leaf

49 x 89

Yuli Prayitno

Same Like…, 2014

Teak wood, garuda, 23.5K gold leaf

110 x 177

Yuli Prayitno

… After That, And Then …, 2014

Teak wood, stainless steel, 23.5K gold leaf

166 x 187