(ISA Art Gallery) Earth The Universe 1, 2023

Eun Vivian Lee

Based in New York City and Singapore, Eun Vivian Lee is a contemporary Korean American artist whose work focuses on circles and dots. Her work contains hundreds of thousands of dots that fill her paper. Her dots are barely half an inch tall and wide. Using pigment paints and a defined grid structure drawn with pencil, Lee displays various emotions and feelings. Abstract art can also serve as a meditative practice, much like Vivian Lee's creative process, which is repetitive and time-intensive, which she finds profoundly humbling and meditative. Vivian Lee revolves around a rigorous and highly disciplined method, including in-depth detail organization and planning by creating various small droplet-like circles inside hand-drawn grid-lined paper that eventually fills the entire canvas.

Artwork Information

Pigment on canvas
Dimension (cm)
130 x 130

Exhibition Information