Subuh Menjelang Pagi (Dawn Towards Morning), 2021

Hojatul Islam

Hoja is an urban who had a long road track, meandered, through the air, across the river, the depth of forest, the quietness of village, also the sparkling noise of the city. Shortly, he has been exploring the risk of the land and water journey in a modern way. A journey by itself gave him a waluable insight, gave him a point of view, sometimes an experience that can not be found in somewhere else. When he sat quietly on the bench of the seat while seeing the scenery, his mind already flew away. What is happen to Hoja at the moment became the new perception resources, furthermore inspired his artworks, then influence a decision of life, the point where he thoughts about that experiences. He consciously returns to a clear mind and "inside" his deepest conscience.

Artwork Information

Acrylic on canvas
Dimension (cm)
160 x 140

Exhibition Information